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Welcome Home to
Clan Baird

Sir James Baird, 11th Baronet of Saughtonhall and representatives of a number of prominent and historic Scottish Baird families, have together formed the Clan Baird Alliance. We welcome you to this website which is dedicated to Clan Baird and to you, our fellow clan members.
Membership of Clan Baird is a birthright and is not dependent on paying a membership fee to join a society or club. All of us who are born as Baird, Bard, Beard or other variant surnames are members of the Clan, as are all those married to Bairds, or descended from Bairds.
For more information on the Clan Baird Alliance, please see the About Page


Sadly, Sir James Baird passed away unexpectedly on  18 February 2024. His obituary has kindly been provided by his family.

Sir James' son Alexander is now Sir Alexander

12th Baronet of Saughtonhall

We will be updating the website to provide information regarding any changes to Clan leadership that may be forthcoming.

Photo of custom sgian dubh with hand forged damascus steel blade and a silver Baird of Auchmedden crest badge inlaid in the ebony handle resting upon the beautiful Baird modern tartan.

A Message from the late Sir James Baird. 1946 - 2024

September 2020

The Clan of Baird has been without a chief for hundreds of years. As each decade passes, our great Scottish heritage fades into the past, becoming ever more lost in the mist. Even as a boy I felt a sadness as I witnessed the waning of interest in clans and history. As I got older I began to feel a responsibility to bring our family together. 

The Saughtonhall line is the senior branch or ‘stirp’ of the great Auchmedden Baird Family and as the head of the Saughtonhall line I now look to my son and grandson as the successors to our lineage. As such, I believe I am in a unique position to make a difference. The Auchmedden Coat of Arms is considered by Scotland’s Court of the Lord Lyon to be the chiefly Coat of Arms. Therefore, the person or persons who believe he or she is the most direct living descendant may ask the Lyon Court to inherit those Arms and then ask the Court to grant the dignity of Chief of the Name and Arms of Baird. It took decades of research to put the necessary genealogical documents together with which to submit my Petition with the Court of the Lord Lyon. This Petition has now been submitted and we await the Court’s consideration.

In the meantime, whilst I was in the process of compiling sufficient proofs for the Court, Richard Holman Baird, volunteered to serve as commander of Clan Baird for an interim period of five years. Richard's family, through his mother’s side, is a junior stirp of the famous Gartsherrie House of Baird.

We are fortunate to have had the Lyon Court commission a commander as a commander’s duties are to unite the clan and to search for and support a petitioner for chief of Clan Baird.

I am proud and excited to be joined by several Baird Armigers and leaders who wish to resurrect the Clan of Baird and bring our collective enthusiasm together to launch this new website. It is our goal to identify and honour all the renowned Baird families that span the depth and breadth of Scotland from the 12th century to the present.

We also acknowledge the absolute imperative to bring our clan into the future. To ignite a fire in all clanspeople to join with us, to work with us, to look to the rising sun for a new day dawning for the future of Clan Baird. 

James Baird 

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