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Baird Families

Since the period in Scottish history when the use of surnames became common, there have been a number of different families and branches of Bairds. The following describes many of the prominent and noble Scottish Baird families.


Prominent Scottish Houses of Baird / Baird Families


Strathaven c1228 to 1337

Scotland’s King David I. (reigned 1124-1153) enticed several Flemish Lords residing in England with grants of land upon which they could reside in Scotland. Waldeve was one such ally who received a number of lucrative baronies, including Strathaven and the place Waldeve made his seat, Biggar, both in Lanark. His descendants would become the powerful family of Fleming. Circa 1228, Richard de Bard, as a vassal of de Biggar, held several estates within the barony of Strathaven, including lesser and greater Kyp, Glengenel, Polnebo, Louchere, and the original 3-story timber-constructed Castle Bard located in the center of the village of Strathaven.

Photo of Strathaven Castle ruins, 2017


Timelines of historic and current prominent Baird families of Scotland

Note, the dates are approximate and are based on when a family was commonly recognized. Usually this is through the establishment of a house and estate or by recognition of an honour or title

Locations of Prominent Families in Scotland

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