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Clan Baird Registration


Sir James Baird, 11th Baronet of Saughtonhall, the sole petitioner for Clan Chief, and the Clan Baird Alliance desire to establish a clan registry for the purpose of communication between the future Chief, Clan officers and all Clan members.

Clan membership is a birthright – if you were born a Baird, Bard, Beard or other similar variant, have become a Baird through marriage or had a Baird parent or grandparent, you are already a clan member and are eligible and encouraged to register.

Please enter the required information and click the "Register Now" button to be included on our future chief's official Clan Registry. After clicking, the form will reset so check your email to find a confirmation of your registration.

Privacy Policy:

Members' personal information is for the sole use of the Clan Baird Alliance and will absolutely NOT be shared, sold or used for any other purpose without the specific authorization of each affected member.

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