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Purpose of the Clan Baird Alliance and the Clan Baird of Scotland Website:

  • To provide a place where Clanspeople can get to know Sir James Baird, 11th Baronet of Saughtonhall, Petitioner to the Court of the Lord Lyon for Chief of the Name of Baird and Arms of Baird of Auchmedden.

  • To engage with UK and worldwide Bairds, providing a platform to share stories and unite the clan.

  • The Clan Baird Alliance is an association of Bairds based on the old clan structure. Entry and membership are by birthright – if you were born a Baird, Bard, Beard or other similar variant, have become a Baird or had a Baird Parent or Grandparent, then come and join us. We will never charge a membership fee.

  • Clans were groupings of people for mutual protection and benefit. The Clan Baird Alliance aims to recreate the best of the old clan characteristics, updated for the modern age.

  • Our modern clan is a social network, forming connections between like-minded people, for enrichment of life and reinforcing identity and forward thinking.

Come and join us – we’re putting the clan back together.


Members of the Clan Baird Alliance

Email us at:

Sir James Andrew Gardiner Baird

11th Baronet of Saughtonhall (1946 - 2024)

Sole Petitioner to the Arms of Auchmedden

and Chief of the Name Baird

Founding Member

Sir Andrew Baird

7th Baronet of Newbyth

Founding Member

Douglas Baird

Heir Apparent to the Head of the Gartsherrie line
Formerly of Elie and Durris

Founding Member

Roderick Baird

Saughtonhall Family

Founding Member

Karen Baird Vierra, Former Member

Curator of Baird,
Issachar Branch
Direct Baird R1a DNA Descendant of 

Norwegian Viking Scotland

Founding Member

Michael Baird


DNA Specialist

Founding Member

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