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Meet Sir James Baird & Family

The late Sir James Baird, 11th Bt. of Saughtonhall, 1946 - 2024

As his title implied, Sir James was the 11th Baronet of the House of Saughtonhall. A baronet is a hereditary title, senior to most knighthoods, and entitling the bearer to the prefix "sir". Saughtonhall is the senior stirp (family or branch) of Bairds descending from the Bairds of Auchmedden. As head of that family he was also the person regarded to have the best claim to inherit the Coat of Arms of Auchmedden and thus become Chief of Clan Baird. His son Alexander now inherits the baronetcy. and the claim to inherit the Auchmedden arms and to become chief.


Sir James' Family

Pictured is Sir James' son, Alexander, Younger, now Sir Alexander, 12th Baronet of Saughtonhall, his wife Stephanie and their son Max. They also have a young daughter. So there are two generations following Sir James.


Sir James as a Youth

Photo of Sir James, approximately 11 years old.

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