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Ordinhivas Bairds

c1430 to 1624

Wax seal of George Byrd of Ordinhivas

Seal of Sir George Byrd, 2nd of Ordinhivas, Baillie of Banff, (c1491-1557)


Wax seal of Walter Bard of Ordinhivas

Wax seal of Sir Walter Bard, 3rd of Ordinhivas (1516-1599)


Seal of Walter Bard of Ordinhivas

Painting of the wax seal impression that appears on the title page of the original 1870 book of F.M.B. Smith’s version of William Baird, 7th of Auchmedden’s manuscript.  The seal is that of Walter Bard, 3rd of Ordinhivas, 1516-1599.


Banff Bay

Painting of the bay at Banff and MacDuff

BayOBanff adn McDuff.tiff
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